Mu: Dive into the Mucem

Pitch : what is a “museum of civilisations” about? Why would someone want to collect – let alone exhibit – trivial items from people’s everyday life, be it past or present? In order to explain the interest of such an endeavour to the public visiting the Mucem, in Marseilles, France, The Pixel Hunt has created an app of a new genre. Designed to be used inside the museum, it’s an interactive visit application that proposes a fictional and poetic stroll.

L'application s'utilise exclusivement au Mucem de Marseille.
A free iOS/Android app, to be used only inside the museum.

With their smartphone in hand, and a holographic pyramid sticked to it, players walk in the museum pretending they are an archeologist from the future, investigating the remnants of a long forgotten civilisation.

Mu, plongée au coeur d'un musée magnifique... et englouti !
A fictionnal, poetic and funny dive in a sunken museum.

Scanning markers all around, they try to discover who the “Musiens” were, how they lived, what they believed in…

The markers, to be found all around the museum, give access to mysterious items.

Client : Mucem.
Code : Paztec
Date : 2018-2019

A screen shows the discoveries players made in the museum, in real time!

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