Bury me, my Love

Pitch: A mobile interactive fiction that tells the story of Nour, a Syrian woman trying to reach Europe, and Majd, her husband who stayed behind and uses a messaging app to provide her with support and advice.
Client: self-produced in a co-production with Figs and ARTE France.
Date: 2017

Publisher: Playdius .
Platform: mobile/tablet (iOS/Android), desktop, Nintendo Switch

Total production budget: over €200k.
The Pixel Hunt’s tasks: creative direction, writing, game design, illustration, production management.
Project link: http://burymemylove.arte.tv

Key facts: The Pixel Hunt’s first full-scale independent game. Selected, nominated or winner in more than 20 events or awards, including The Game Awards, the GDC Awards, the BAFTA Game Awards, Google Play Indie Games Contest, IndieCade Europe.

Zero Impunity, the 3D march

Pitch: Part of a transmedia advocacy program against the use of rape as a war weapon, the 3D march is a visualization of every person who signed a series of online petitions.
Client: a_BAHN.
Broadcaster: a_BAHN.
Date: 2017

Platform: web.
Total production budget: undisclosed.
The Pixel Hunt’s tasks: user experience, graphic design, and development.

Project link: https://zeroimpunity.com/?lang=en


Pitch: a simple, fast-paced infinite runner designed for kids and teenagers to practice their arithmetic skills.
Client: XD Productions.
Broadcaster: FranceTV Éducation.
Date: 2016

Platform: web.
Total production budget: ~€40k.

The Pixel Hunt’s tasks: Game design, visual design, development, creative direction, production management.
Project link: https://bit.ly/2llB6vX

Beatbox Maker

Pitch: a toy mobile/tablet app rich with video tutorials and a music composer designed for players to enjoy and master the fine art of beatboxing.
Client: Temps Noir.
Broadcaster: France Ô (France Télévisions).
Date: 2016

Platform: mobile/tablet (iOS/Android).
Total production budget: ~ €80k.
The Pixel Hunt’s tasks: Experience design, game design, writing, creative direction.

Project links:

Key facts: >150k combined downloads.


Planète Corps (Planet Body)

Pitch: A fake travel agency website that allows players to experience a safari inside their own body and discover their inner fauna (mites, bacteria, viruses…) Client: Kids Up Hill.
Date: 2015

Broadcaster: Arte France.
Platform: web.
Total production budget: undisclosed.

The Pixel Hunt’s tasks: game design, writing.
Project link: http://planetecorps.arte.tv (French, German)

Sauvons le Louvre ! (Let’s save the Louvre!)

Pitch: An adventure/strategy game to explain how Jacques Jaujard, the Louvre’s head curator during WW2, protected its collection and saved it from destruction and looting.

Date: 2014
Client: Ladybird Films.
Broadcaster: FranceTV Éducation.

Platform: web.
Total production budget: around €50k.
The Pixel Hunt’s tasks: Game design, art, coding, writing, project
management, creative direction.
Project link: http://sauvons-le-louvre.francetveducation.fr (French only)
Key facts: regularly used in classrooms by French teachers up until today.